PDAM (Regional Water Company)

In this post I discuss a little about my complaint against the local water company (PDAM) that our city there is a problem of public services have been inadequate even arguably fail to meet the people's will, it can know from the many complaints we hear people who can directly ....
Should the existence of which is long enough these companies can improve service to consumers ... not like now where drinkable water is not only able to make a shower and even then feels sticky on the body sometimes yellow and turbid, while at our place this water for drink still expect rain that fell from the sky so if drought we are very difficult to find water to drink if so what does that mean no drinking water companies when looking for ait drink hard so the company is not a local water company (PDAM), but the company's bath water area

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  1. wah.. sorry to hear that..
    ngomong-ngomong, sekarang emang kualitas pelayanan pemerintah bener-bener 'suck'!!

    udah mahal kualitas murahan..
    padahal kalo dalam pemerintahan islam, air, energi, pendidikan, kesehatan, dan fasilitas umum itu betul betul di perhatikan gan..

    semoga cepat selesideh masalahnya..

  2. @ryuuzaki-kun
    makasih ...gan..komennya...ya begitulah keadaannya..sudah kami coba datangi langsung..ya hasilnya masih tetap sama..


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